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Sales Manager

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1) Responsible for implementing the project sales target and preparing weekly, monthly and quarterly sales summary reports;

2) Be responsible for assigning the sales task plan and implementation progress of the case field real estate consultant's personnel;

3) Responsible for handling customer issues, disputes and complaints from all follow-up departments to improve customer satisfaction;

4) Be responsible for the supervision and management of the case field, and the organization, coordination and cooperation of relevant departments and personnel on the site;

5) Responsible for the system improvement, formation, assessment and training of the team under its jurisdiction;

6) Assist the marketing manager to complete the relevant management work.



1) College degree or above, engaged in sales work for more than 5 years and has more than 3 years of team management experience;

2) Have good professional ethics and professionalism;

3) with strong organization, leadership, coordination, communication and summary ability (familiar with marketing mode is preferred);

4) With rich sales experience, familiar with the operation procedures and characteristics of real estate sales;

5) Strong sales skills and independent negotiation ability;

6) have good physical and psychological quality, strong ability to resist pressure, positive and enterprising;

7) Able to skillfully use office software.

8) Contact information: 0371-22656835 General Office.



1. College degree or above, more than three years sales management experience

2. Responsible for the construction and management of sales team

3. Develop and assist sales staff to achieve sales goals

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