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Jiuyi Chemical February 13 dibutyl phthalic anhydride offer

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2/12 closing: OPEC's production cuts in January were significant,and Saudi Arabia said it will continue to cut production and international oil prices rebound. WTI53.10 rose 0.69 US dollars / barrel;  Brent 62.42 rose 0.91 US dollars / barrel. China's SC main force 1903 rose 0.6 to 428.5 yuan / barrel.


The weak futures of the futures were mainly shocked,  and the start of the terminal plastic knitting factory has not resumed, and the spot market is weak. The downstream raw material reserves are sufficient, and the refinery's intention to make shipments is obvious.  The mainstream transaction in Shandong's propylene market is 7800-7850 yuan/ton, and the overall downstream demand is weak.


Yesterday, domestic butanol stabilized and rose slightly, and local low prices in East China decreased. The market has improved, and the willingness to replenish the position on the lower dips is still acceptable.The inventory of butanol plants has gradually shifted downward.  Shandong Lihua Yiding Octanol plant is operating normally. Today, n-butanol carries out 6900 yuan/ton self-raising;  Luxi Chemical today performs a set price of 6800 yuan/ton ex-factory, high load and low inventory; , n-butanol is not quoted for the time being,  the main supply for the downstream butyl acetate for personal use, the sale of a few.

Phthalic anhydride:

Affected by the pre-holiday factory's early clearance, the overall inventory pressure of the phthalic anhydride industry was controllable,  and the phthalic anhydride plant maintained the pre-holiday offer.  Industrial naphthalene was raised by 100-200 yuan/ton from last week, East China neighboring method was 7000-7100 yuan/ton, North China and Shandong neighboring method was 7000-7100 yuan/ton, and naphthalene method was raised by 100 yuan/ton. Execution 6700-6800 Yuan / ton factory.

The annual production capacity of the company's 180,000 tons DBP plant is normal;   the annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of o-naphthalene mixed phthalic anhydride is normal,  all for personal use.  Due to the insufficient stocking of downstream customers and the stable price of raw materials,  the enthusiasm of downstream customers for inquiries has not diminished. The DBP factory has a strong price sentiment and the DBP has continued to stabilize in the near future. The company today's DBP implementation of 8100 yuan / ton,  a single talk about a price, limited sales.

Warm reminder:  As the customer concentrates on picking up the goods after the year, if you have the delivery plan, please inform our business staff three days in advance,  we will arrange the delivery, thank you for your understanding and support.

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