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Jiuhong Chemical 2020 Annual Social Responsibility Report

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Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd.

Social Responsibility Report 2020


As a high-end organic fine chemical enterprise, Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd. has been"Committed to promoting the development of domestic industries, building a green, low-carbon, energy-saving, environmentally friendly economy, and serving national life" as the company's social responsibility, through continuous deepening of reforms and transformation and upgrading, while ensuring that the needs of the industry and promoting regional economic and social development At the same time, continue to increase safety and environmental protection management, increase investment in safety and environmental protection facilities, strengthen green technology innovation and research and development, and strive to reduce the discharge of waste water, deeply implement the concept of green, energy-saving, low-carbon and environmental protection to meet the needs of the people in the region for a better environment.

Basic Information of 1. Company

Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded inIn 2014, it covers an area of more than 400 mu, has 400 registered employees, total assets of 0.6 billion yuan, and operating income of 1.2 billion yuan in 2020. At present, the company has 160000 tons/year of DBP production equipment and supporting equipment and facilities (the final product dibutyl phthalate is abbreviated as DBP), 80000 tons/year of phthalic anhydride production equipment and supporting equipment and facilities (the intermediate product phthalic anhydride is provided to DBP production as raw material), 80000 tons/year of DOTP production equipment and supporting equipment and facilities (the final product dioctyl terephthalate is abbreviated as DOTP), it has established strategic partnerships with many well-known chemical companies, and its products are exported to many countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia. The company is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, a specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprise in Henan Province, and a plastic additive engineering technology research center in Henan Province. it has passed the evaluation of intelligent workshop demonstration enterprise in Henan Province, energy conservation and emission reduction demonstration enterprise in Henan Province, and ISO9001, ISO14000 and ISO45001 management system certification enterprise, and 2020 Henan social responsibility enterprise.

2. corporate governance system

Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd. has established a sound corporate governance structure in accordance with the law, realized the separation and balance of ownership, management and supervision, and established a strict and efficient organizational structure.

In strict accordance with the requirements of the Company Law and relevant national laws, regulations and rules, the company establishes a modern enterprise system, improves the corporate governance structure and standardizes the operation of the company. Based on the articles of association, the work reporting mechanism, legal responsibility and moral behavior of the general manager, deputy general manager and financial controller have been clearly stipulated. The company has initially formed a corporate governance body with decision-making, implementation and supervision separated from each other, coordinated operation and effective checks and balances. It has formed a power check and balance mechanism for decision-making, execution, management, and supervision with the board of directors, supervisors and managers as the main structure. Through continuous improvement of the internal control and risk management system, strengthening accountability, strengthening audit supervision and discipline inspection and supervision, and increasing Punishment of corruption and occupational crimes has ensured the healthy operation of the company's production and operation and other business activities, and realized the company's sustainable and healthy development.

Contribution of 3. to Local Economic and Social Development

The company is a leading enterprise in the plasticizer industry in Henan Province, with rapid development and large-scale operation, promoting the development of downstream industries, saving transportation costs and reducing environmental pollution caused by long-distance transportation.The company is doing well,In 2020, it will achieve an operating income of 1.209 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 52.888 million yuan. It is an outstanding non-public enterprise in Henan Province and one of the top 50 private enterprises in Kaifeng.

With the continuous development and growth of the company, as a responsible and responsible enterprise, the company is enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, actively participates in social activities within its capacity, and has achieved good social benefits. And actively donate money and materials to the current new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and fully assume social responsibility.

4. security developments

The company firmly establishes the concept of safety development, adheres to the supremacy of people's interests, improves and implements the safety production responsibility and management system, improves the early warning and emergency mechanism, firmly establishes the concept of people-oriented and safe development, and always adheres"Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" policy, earnestly implement the "Safety Production Law", "Environmental Protection Law" and the requirements of "One post with two responsibilities, joint management, dereliction of duty, and strengthening prevention-oriented", Deeply learn the lessons of accidents, grasp the large system, investigate and deal with large hidden dangers, prevent major accidents, unswervingly practice the safety "zero" concept, and use the active preventive safety information system as the carrier, comprehensively improve the ability of accident prevention and control, continue to build a long-term safety management mechanism, and consolidate the foundation for the stable and healthy development of enterprises.

(I) in the process of building a dual prevention system, the company set up a company headed by Chairman Wang Qunying.The "double control" work leading group formulates the implementation plan of the "double control" work, defines the objectives and tasks, defines the working methods of the "double control", and defines the assessment standards. After the company conducts step-by-step training and completes the phased work objectives, the company summarizes the solidified results and forms the standards. To achieve the company's full participation in the classification of risk identification and classification of management and control, the company to implement four levels of management and control of all kinds of risks, implemented to each post, the investigation of hidden dangers in a timely manner.

The risk points identified by the post must be inspected every day. Hidden dangers found at any time will be uploaded to the information platform in time. All kinds of safety information and data reported will be transmitted to the information management platform in time. Once hidden dangers are found, the information platform will be uploaded in time. After uploading, they will be fed back to the responsible persons at all levels for rectification. Implement a clear system of rewards and punishments for personnel in the process of risk control and hidden danger investigation. The company will make monthly statistics on the list of personnel who report hidden danger management information for cash and reward, and punish the person in charge of hidden danger management who has not completed the hidden danger management within the time limit according to the company's system.

In order to improve the safety knowledge and safety skills of employees, the (II) should pay attention to the construction of teams and groups and improve the basic management. In terms of safety production work, it is down-to-earth and fully carried out. Comprehensive safety training for all employees of the company is carried out on the 4. of 3. every week, which improves the safety awareness of employees and lays a solid foundation in people, machines, materials, environment and management. Each branch factory and each department shall conduct systematic safety training for employees twice a month to implement their post operation procedures and safety production skills. New employees can take up their posts only after completing the three-level safety training and passing the examination. Safety awareness and behavior of employees"Pass", "help", "take". In mechanical equipment, try to be intrinsically safe. There is a perfect management system in the storage and transportation of raw materials, finished products and all kinds of auxiliary materials. The company organizes safety training and education for new employees, transferred employees, migrant workers, and long-term labor workers; organizes training for the main person in charge of the company, safety management personnel, and special operations personnel, as well as hazardous waste, hazardous chemical safety management training, emergency disposal, and dual Training on prevention mechanisms. In 2020, more than 7200 company-level trainings were organized.

(III) strengthen site safety management and continuously carry out various forms of inspection and rectification activities. Take regular inspection as the main line, professional and special investigation as the supplement, focus on flammable and explosive places and major hazard sources, combine routine inspection with surprise inspection, and cross professional inspection with comprehensive inspection to reduce hidden dangers of on-site accidents. In order to ensure on-site safety management, the company has deployed key personnel to form a safety team to supervise the implementation of the safety and environmental protection system, key maintenance projects, department hidden danger investigation and management, etc. For hazardous chemicals and hazardous processes under national key supervision, as well as major hazardous sources of hazardous chemicals, the company, in accordance with relevant requirements, starts from the aspects of on-site monitoring facilities, key parameter management, safety interlock setting, strict inspection and hidden danger management, and constantly improves the management of safety facilities to ensure safe production in key parts of the site.In 2020, the company installed a remote emergency shutdown system for major hazards such as butanol tank farm and octanol tank farm, added a safety instrument emergency shutdown system, and hired a qualified testing agency to test all major hazard safety facilities, and the test results were all qualified.

Emergency Warning System of (IV) Company

Key areas of risk control: neither the second branch plant nor the third branch plant constitutes a major hazard source. The plasticizer device and butanol tank in the tank farm of the first branch plant are four major hazard sources.

Existing monitoring in major risk areas of the first branch plant6, combustible gas alarm 8. The six butanol storage tanks are all atmospheric tanks. The liquid level, temperature and combustible gas alarms of the tanks have data remote transmission. The data parameters are set with low and high warning values. Data, video monitoring and combustible gas alarm signals have been transmitted to the central control room of the branch plant. The video monitoring and combustible gas alarm signals in this area are uploaded to the monitoring hall of the company's emergency management and control center at the same time.

Full coverage of monitoring video and storage tank liquid level pressure transmission data, combustible gas alarm information are uploaded to the municipal supervision center, the municipal supervision center can also feed back abnormal information to the company.

In order to ensure safe production and improve the safety level, the safety control system is configured in each branch of the company. Gas detection alarm system, sound and light alarm system and video monitoring system are installed in the production device area and material storage area of each branch factory, and there is no monitoring blind area. Production device system equipment of each branch plantDCS is distributed and centralized control automation system and SIS safety control system, and the information of each system is transmitted to the central control room of each branch plant for remote operation.

The data and information of various points in each branch factory are transmitted to the hall of the emergency management and control center, and the monitoring and alarm system feeds back the real-time situation in each branch factory of the company around the clock.

The (V) company shall revise various management systems according to the latest laws and regulations, focusing on occupational health management system, operation guardian management system, contractor management system, special operation management system, etc.21 systems were revised. Through the continuous improvement and implementation of the management system, the company's safety management system has been effectively improved. According to the Henan Provincial People's Government Decree No. 173 "Henan Province Production Safety Accident Hidden Danger Investigation and Management Measures", the hidden danger investigation list and safety checklist have been gradually improved and applied. Up to now, the company and various departments have formulated 39 hidden danger investigation lists and 12 safety checklists. The formulation and application of the hidden danger investigation list and safety checklist have effectively improved the hidden danger investigation and management capabilities of our company's safety management personnel.

(VI), in order to ensure the safety of the contractor's construction, the company revised the contractor management system to manage the contractor in an institutionalized and procedural manner. The company not only signed a safety agreement with the contractor, but also for the contractor's safety inspection, violations, through on-site correction, notification of criticism and punishment, etc., to promote the contractor to operate in accordance with the rules, violations significantly reduced, effectively strengthen the contractor's construction safety management.

(VII) In 2020, the company organized a total of 5 accident emergency drills, with a total of 342 people participating. Through the development of emergency drills, the use and integrity of on-site fire-fighting facilities were effectively tested, and the operator's ability to use fire-fighting and protective equipment and respond to emergencies. The emergency response center's command and handling capabilities for emergencies, and the coordination and coordination capabilities of various emergency teams have further enhanced the employees' awareness of emergency response and avoidance, effectively improve the emergency response capacity of employees for safety and environmental protection accidents. At the same time, continuous improvement is made for the deficiencies exposed in the exercise.

5. energy conservation and environmental protection

The company in line with low carbon economy, energy saving and environmental protection development concept. The main lighting lamps in the company's factory area have been replaced with energy-saving lamps, and voice control, sound control and time control are adopted to reduce power consumption according to needs; the company's circulating water motors have been replaced with energy-saving motors, saving electricity bills every year.300000 yuan; high-pressure fans gradually use waste heat instead of motor drive, saving energy and reducing consumption. In order to achieve the discharge of various hazardous wastes, the company has increased investment in environmental protection facilities based on the principles of centralized planning, classified management, and key breakthroughs, relying on continuous technological innovation to ensure the stable and sustainable development of environmental protection work.

(I) increase investment, and constantly improve environmental protection facilities. In order to thoroughly implement environmental protection laws and regulations and fulfill corporate social responsibility, the company strengthens the management of environmental protection facilities and invests fundsMore than 2000 million yuan, VOCs in-depth comprehensive treatment in the factory area, installation of 2 sets of RTO regenerative oxidation furnace devices, new 2 sets of wet electrostatic dust removal devices in the flue gas treatment system, etc., while strengthening the daily maintenance of environmental protection facilities to ensure the realization of emission standards. At the same time, strengthen the daily maintenance of environmental protection facilities to ensure that the discharge standard.

(II) establish and improve the environmental protection emergency mechanism. According to the "Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on Strengthening the Response to Heavy Pollution Weather and Compacting Emergency Emission Reduction Measures" (Environmental Office Atmospheric Letter 〔2019 No. 648), the requirements of documents such as "Henan Province's Action Plan for Comprehensive Control of Air Pollution in Autumn and Winter 2020-2021" (Yuhuan Office No. 2020 No. 46), "Implementation Measures for Performance Classification of Key Industries in Heavy Pollution Weather in Henan Province in 2020 (Trial)" and "Technical Guidelines for Formulating Emergency Emission Reduction Measures for 13 Industries such as Mechanical Processing in Heavy Pollution Weather in Henan Province, formulate the Response Measures for Heavy Pollution Weather of Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd.

Since October, according to Bian Huan Tackling Office [2020] No. 227, emergency notice on starting orange warning response for heavy pollution weather, Bian Huan Tackling Office [2020] No. 326, emergency notice on starting orange warning response for heavy pollution weather, Bian Huan Tackling Office [2020] No. 259, emergency notice on starting orange warning response for heavy pollution weather, in strict accordance with the company's heavy pollution weather response measures for peak production and air pollution prevention and control.

(III) strengthen daily environmental management. Annual cumulative operation of sewage plant7500 hours, biochemical treatment of sewage 14684.792 tons. Biochemical treatment runs stably with an average load of 2m³/h. RTO flue gas desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal facilities operate stably, and all environmental protection indicators meet the requirements of ultra-low emission, and process tail gas meets the emission standards. A total of 670.78 tons of hazardous waste were transferred throughout the year, basically achieving zero inventory. During the transfer process, the transfer was strictly in accordance with the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, and there were no environmental pollution incidents. The total discharge of waste water and waste gas has been greatly reduced, with a total discharge of 0.0124 tons of ammonia nitrogen, 0.0092 tons less than the same period of last year; 0.33 tons of chemical oxygen demand, 0.0212 tons less than the same period of last year; 10.5072 tons of sulfur dioxide, 0.9825 tons less than the same period of last year; 7.1017 tons of particulate matter, 0.7216 tons less than the same period of last year; 15.6865 tons of nitrogen oxides, 1.4263 tons less than the same period of last year. Volatile organic gas emissions totaled 0.6322 tons, 0.0153 tons less than the same period last year.

Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd. has long attached great importance to ecological and environmental protection work, and is currently working hard to promoteCreate a "national green factory" to achieve green recycling development; continue to increase investment in environmental protection to achieve stable operation of environmental protection devices and emission standards; strengthen the implementation of environmental protection responsibilities, pay attention to the basic management of on-site environmental protection, and strictly implement on-site dust control, discharge standards, Environmental protection measures such as solid waste treatment; continue to strengthen emergency protection and treatment plans under special circumstances, and do a good job of production organization in special and sensitive periods, resolutely put an end to environmental pollution incidents and secondary incidents caused by environmental problems.

6. social responsibility performance

(I) According to the Law of the the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, the company organizes health examinations for all employees and conducts targeted examinations for different occupational hazards exposed to different positions,In 2020, a total of 286 employees will participate in the occupational health examination, and contact qualified health technical service institutions to evaluate the current situation of occupational hazards in our company's workplace to ensure that the on-site operating environment meets the requirements. In order to strengthen the personal protection of employees, the company shall timely distribute all kinds of personal labor protection articles in accordance with the management regulations of labor protection articles, and supervise the employees to wear them correctly. According to the hazard factors of each post, relevant occupational hazard notification cards shall be set up and distributed to each employee to inform the employees of the occupational hazard factors and countermeasures at different work sites. Formulate the "Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd. Occupational Hazard Inspection Implementation Plan", and check and rectify the occupational hazards on site.

(II) Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the production of plasticizers in China.The spirit of "full resumption of work and production of epidemic prevention materials production enterprises and their supporting enterprises" is a requirement for epidemic prevention materials production enterprises to do everything possible to organize the resumption of work and production. In the epidemic control period for downstream medical protection production enterprises to provide strong raw material protection, in this epidemic prevention and control battle in our company actively, the courage to take on, take the initiative to take on. To put the relevant requirements of government departments into practice, the company has made many donations to support the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

In order to ensure the daily life and study of families of workers in difficulty, the company carries out"Summer send cool, autumn send students, winter send warm" Donation to High-rise Primary School, Li Zhuang Primary School20000 yuan in cash, "serious illness to rescue, difficult to send care" activities donated Kaifeng Municipal Health Commission 500000 yuan of special epidemic prevention and control funds, graded relief of 12 workers in need, donated to Kaifeng City Welfare Institute 160000 value of two green cars.

7. Next Work Plan

InIn 2021, the company formulated a safety production policy of safety first, prevention first, people-oriented and comprehensive management. At the same time, the company issued a safety target of zero major accidents, zero occupational disease accidents, zero major leakage accidents and zero serious injury accidents, with an employee safety training rate of 100 and a hidden danger rectification rate of 100. It conscientiously implemented the safety production policies, laws, regulations and company rules and regulations of the party and the state, and conscientiously implemented the safety production responsibility system, strictly implement the company's safety production rules and regulations and operating specifications, fully implement safety production education and training, ensure the effective implementation of safety production investment in the company, put risk control at all levels in place, eliminate hidden dangers of production safety accidents in time, ensure the good operation of the company's safety production work, strengthen the emergency handling ability and combat ability of the emergency rescue team, organize various emergency drills, and consolidate the company's safety production work.

AccordingKaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd.Fourteen five strategiesThe blueprint of the construction and development plan, the company combines its own reality, takes the improvement of the industrial chain as the basis, realizes the diversification of products as the starting point, and the goal of clean and energy-saving production, and gives full play to the advantages of streamlined and efficient enterprise management."Good safety, good environment, excellent products, stable development, beautiful home" enterprises, around the development concept of "diversified, fine, high-end, environmental protection", to build a cultural brand, international brand, lean team, related diversified, healthy and sustainable development of modern chemical enterprises.



Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd.