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Information Publicity of Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control by Hazardous Waste in 2021

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Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd.

2021Hazardous waste pollution prevention and control of environmental information publicity

One. Hazardous waste generation link:

1.Plasticizer produced in the production process

Class HW13 (organic resin waste)265-103-13,

HW49 (other wastes) 900-039-49,900-041-49
2.Phthalic anhydride produced in the production process

HW08 (Waste Mineral Oil and Mineral Oil Containing Wastes) 900-249-08

HW11 (distillation residue)261-013-11

HW50 (spent catalyst) 261-172-50

II. Hazardous waste characteristics:


Three.Hazardous waste destination:

Entrustment  Jiyuan Haizhong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

      Dengfeng Haizhong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

      Xinyang Jinruilai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

      Qingzhou Ruixin Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd.

Weishi County Xinyuan Molybdenum Co., Ltd.

Specializing in hazardous waste disposalProcessing,

All hazardous wastes are packaged in accordance with environmental protection requirements and labeled with hazardous waste information.