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High temperature condolences send cool and refreshing, love is a line to warm people's hearts.

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In order to further do a good job in summer high temperature safety production, heatstroke prevention and cooling work, convey the party and government's care for the front-line builders, create a good working atmosphere, and effectively improve the summer production and living conditions of front-line workers and migrant workers, on the morning of July 3, The chairman of the Yuwangtai District Federation of Trade Unions led the cadres and employees of the Federation of Trade Unions to the front line of production and came to Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., and carried out the summer "cool.

Chairman Qu expressed sincere condolences and high respect to all employees on the front line of high-temperature operations, and urged everyone to take care of their health, beware of heatstroke, and ensure work safety and their own safety. At the same time, we have a detailed understanding of the implementation of heatstroke prevention and cooling measures in production enterprises and units, and require that ensuring the personal safety of employees must be the first priority, and do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling,He gave cordial condolences to the frontline workers at the grass-roots level. And sent them mung beans, sugar, mineral water, towels and other consolation products

It is understood that in recent years, the District Federation of Trade unions will carry out "cool" activities every summer. In this event, Chairman Qu led a team to condolences to the high-temperature front-line workers, which is an important measure to further care for the majority of workers and promote the improvement of their production and living conditions. In order to successfully complete this event, the District Federation of Trade Unions attached great importance to it, actively integrated social resources, raised funds from multiple sources, communicated and coordinated with enterprises and employees in a timely manner, and coordinated visits and condolences activities. Without formalism and without affecting the normal production and living order of enterprises and employees, their labor safety rights and interests have been effectively safeguarded.

Chairman Qu said that in the future, the District Federation of Trade Unions will continue to innovate activities and carry out inclusive service activities. The district trade union will continue to take the initiative to strengthen contact and close cooperation with the mainstream social media, strengthen public opinion propaganda, guide, mobilize the whole society to care for front-line workers, and create a strong social atmosphere of respecting labor and caring for workers.