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Jiuhong Chemical February 18 Product Quotation

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Crude Oil:

Although the number of active oil wells in the United States has increased again, the optimism of production reduction and the positive signals released by Sino-US trade negotiations have provided strong support for oil prices. At the same time, the decline in US dollar pressure has also helped oil prices to rise further. International crude oil futures closed higher on the 15th, with WTI:55.59 up 1.18. Brent: 66.25 up 1.68.


The price of propylene market rebounded at the weekend, and the mainstream price of propylene market in Shandong rose to 7450-7500 yuan/ton. Since last Friday, downstream powder shipments have improved, benefiting the propylene market. Coinciding with the price of propylene falling to a low level, the industry is bullish, some downstream factories began to bottom out.


n-butanol is affected by factors such as centralized ordering and insufficient inventory, and mainstream prices are mainly stable. Shandong Lihuayi Butyl Octanol Plant is operating normally. Today, n-butanol is subject to 6900 yuan/ton self-extraction. Luxi Chemical Co., Ltd. today set a pricing price of 6700 yuan/ton leaving the factory, with high load and low inventory. Yankuang butanol plant has a high load, and n-butanol is not quoted for the time being. It is mainly used for downstream butyl acetate for its own use and sold out.

Phthalic anhydride:

At present, the domestic industrial naphthalene market is running in a narrow range, the early low rise is obvious, the overall inventory pressure of the phthalic anhydride industry is controllable, the cost support is obvious, the inventory of various manufacturers is tight, the ex-factory price is stable. East China adjacent law 7000-7100 yuan/ton factory, North China and Shandong adjacent law 6950-7050 yuan/ton factory, naphthalene mainstream 6700-6800 yuan/ton factory.


The company's annual production capacity of 180000 tons of DBP plant production is normal, the annual production capacity of 40000 tons of adjacent naphthalene mixed legal phthalic anhydride production is normal, all for their own use. Crude oil prices continue to rise in the good market, positive butanol mainstream price stability, phthalic anhydride by the impact of raw materials steady rise, DBP downstream customers have resumed work, inquiry procurement enthusiasm is high, DBP factory price sentiment is obvious, the recent DBP or the continuation of the steady trend, do not rule out the possibility of rebound. Today, DBP of the company implements 8100 yuan/ton, one for one price, limited sales.

Warm Tip: As customers will collect the goods after the year, please inform our business personnel three days in advance if there is a delivery plan. We will arrange the delivery. Thank you for your understanding and support.