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Jiuhong Chemical July 4 Product Quotation

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Crude Oil:

The number of active oil drilling in the United States recorded a decline for the first time in three weeks. At the same time, the U.S. stock market rose strongly, gasoline inventories fell last week, and oil prices stopped falling and rebounded on the 3rd,WTI57.34 up 1.09; Brent: 63.82 up 1.42.


Yesterday propylene prices rose sharply, Shandong propylene market mainstream transactions.7750-7850 yuan/ton,Overnight crude oil surge good market mentality, propylene market supply shortage situation short-term difficult to change, propylene production enterprises stand price intention is obvious.


Positive butanol cost surface support is strong, low-cost supply disappeared, this month Yan'an energy device or there is a parking plan, it is expected that the recent mainstream price of positive butanol or the continuation of the steady trend.Shandong Lihuayi n-butanol Execute Today6000 yuan/tonself-mention.Luxi Chemical Today's Collective Pricing PriceIncrease 100 yuan/ton, execution6000 yuan/tonFactory, medium load, low inventory.

Phthalic anhydride:

Yesterday's industrial naphthalene prices low to make up for the rise, Shandong, Hebei region mainstream transactions.3800-3830Yuan/ton, adjacent to the loss of phthalic anhydride situation, the factory's willingness to reduce prices continued to reduce, naphthalene phthalic anhydride raw materials industrial naphthalene smooth operation, cost surface support strength still exists, it is expected that in the short term phthalic anhydride market or maintain stability and wait-and-see action.East China Adjacent Method5600-5650 yuan/tonFactory, North China and Shandong Neighborhood5600-5700 yuan/tonFactory, Hebei naphthalene method mainstream5400-5500 yuan/tonFactory.

The company's annual production capacity of 180000 tons DBP production is normal;Annual production capacity of 40000 tons of adjacent naphthalene mixed law phthalic anhydride production is normal, all for their own use.Crude oil futures skyrocketed, the mainstream price of butyl alcohol is stable in the upward trend, the mainstream price of naphthalene phthalic anhydride is stable in the upward trend, DBP downstream customers inquiry procurement enthusiasm, some customers phase low to fill the position mainly, it is expected that the near-term DBP price or the continuation of a stable upward trend.Company today.DBP Raises 50 yuan/Ton, 7200 yuan/Ton Delivery,The actual transaction is mainly negotiated.