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Brief Introduction of Safe Operation Regulations in Chemical Plant



Chemical plants are factories and chemical plants engaged in the chemical industry that are mostly built on water, and often sufficient water sources can attract more chemical companies. Then, what about the safety operation rules of the chemical plant? Baibai safety net and you have a look!
The chemical industry includes chemical industry, oil refining, metallurgy, energy, light industry, petrochemical, environment, medicine, environmental protection and military industry, which are engaged in engineering design, fine and daily chemical industry, energy and power, technology development, production technology management and scientific research. So, chemical plant safety operation procedures brief? Let Bai Bai safety net Xiaobian to introduce it below!
Basic safety requirements for chemical plants
1. New employees must go through three levels of safety education and professional and technical training. After passing the examination, they can operate independently with safety operation certificates. Workers on duty should do "three understandings and four meetings" (I .e., understand production principles, process flow and equipment structure; Can operate, repair and maintain, troubleshoot and deal with accidents, and can correctly use fire fighting equipment and protective equipment)
2, all special operations personnel, must hold the "special operations personnel operating certificate" and within the validity period of the certificate to work.
3. Enterprises must improve the safety production command system, and all functional departments must clarify their responsibilities for safety production. The safety department must strictly implement the post responsibility system, fulfill the comprehensive management of enterprise safety production and supervise the safety work responsibilities of the functional departments and production departments of the enterprise.
4, strict implementation of labor discipline, the class should concentrate, obey the command, careful operation, it is strictly prohibited to take off duty, string of posts, sleep. Something that has nothing to do with production.
5. "Safety in production is everyone's responsibility." The main person in charge of the enterprise must take full responsibility for the safety of the enterprise. The person in charge of each department of the enterprise shall be responsible for the safety production of the department in charge. The staff and workers of an enterprise must strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the State concerning production safety. Conscientiously implement the safety production rules and regulations formulated by the enterprise and this regulation.
6. When workers enter the production post, they must wear work clothes and necessary protective equipment according to regulations. It is strictly forbidden to wear non-standard clothing into the production site, and female workers and those with long hair must put their braids and hair into their hats. Wear safety helmet when entering the maintenance and construction site.
7. The factory must strengthen the management of open fire, strictly prohibit smoking, strictly prohibit bringing flammable and explosive materials into the workplace, and strictly follow the provisions of the "Safety Production Ban of the Ministry of Chemical Industry.
8, strictly prohibit the "three violations" (violation of process discipline, violation of labor discipline, violation of safety discipline) phenomenon. The operator has the right to stop the illegal command, and anyone has the right to stop the illegal operation. If an accident is caused by commanding against the rules and regulations and forced workers to work at risk, the relevant leaders shall be investigated for responsibility according to the circumstances. Accidents caused by illegal operations shall be dealt with strictly.
9. In case of emergency situations such as endangering personal safety or possible fire and explosion accidents during production, the operator has the right to stop before reporting. After parking, the staff should explain in detail the handling and process of the emergency. After the hidden dangers are eliminated and the safety and technical departments agree, the vehicle can be driven.
The approval of the chief engineer can be put into use.
11. In the post operation of the production workshop, it is not allowed to start the equipment that is not operated by oneself at will, ring the electric bell and light signal indiscriminately, shout loudly and knock indiscriminately, litter, etc., to maintain the normal production order.
12. Baking clothes and other sundries are not allowed to be placed on machines, equipment and pipelines, and civilized production is emphasized.
The accessories must be complete and reliable. The safety protection facilities of protective railings, pits, pit wells, trenches, ladders, screw conveyors and other equipment should be in good condition and placed correctly. They should not be moved at will. If they are moved or changed due to work needs, temporary measures must be taken. To be restored in time after the completion of the work. The safety department shall urge the equipment management department to check regularly to ensure safety and reliability.
13. Safety of production equipment
The above is the content of the introduction of the safety operation procedures of the chemical plant. After reading it, I believe everyone understands it!