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Jiuhong Chemical Product Quotation on October 8

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Raw material market dynamics

Crude Oil

10/7 close: Some US economic data performed poorly, global crude oil demand expectations still caused concerns, and international oil prices both fell. WTI52.75 down $0.06/barrel; Brent 58.35 down $0.02/barrel. China SC crude oil futures were closed for the National Day holiday.


Holiday production limit limit line pressure relief, propylene market prices run smoothly, Shandong propylene market mainstream transactions.7400-7500 yuan/tonThis week, Qicheng, Yatong, Kenli and other refinery propylene units have plans to start and stop work.


October, including Jiangsu Huachang and Jilin Petrochemical, such as the existence of maintenance plans, including Yan'an energy and other devices there is the possibility of resumption of production, the total supply of the industry did not change much month-on-month. Shandong Lihua Yi n-butanol Quotation Execution Today6550 yuan/tonFactory. Luxi Chemical Today's Collective Pricing Price Execution6400 yuan/tonFactory, medium load, low inventory.


At this stage, although the octanol-plasticizer industry chain inventory level is high, but the future of multiple sets of octanol device maintenance benefits still give the market a certain boost. Luxi Chemical Today Octanol Set Pricing Price Execution7400 yuan/tonFactory, inventory in general. Shandong Lihuayi's Octanol Quotation Execute Today7400 yuan/tonFactory, inventory in general.

Phthalic anhydride

End enterprises and downstream plasticizer plant load recovery takes some time, short-term demand for phthalic anhydride or more flat. East China Market Adjacent Phthalic Anhydride Mainstream Price7050-7150 yuan/tonFactory, Shandong market adjacent phthalic anhydride6800-6900 yuan/tonFactory, Hebei naphthalene phthalic anhydride mainstream price6200-6250 yuan/tonFactory.


PTA operates in a narrow range before the festival, and the price of maintenance and planned maintenance of PTA plant equipment after the festival is supported. Hanbang 2.2 million-ton PTA plant plans to stop for maintenance for 15-20 days on October 25. The 600000-ton PTA plant is scheduled to stop in November. Hengli Petrochemical's 2.2 million-ton/year PTA production line was overhauled on October 7 for about 12 days. On October 8, TA2001, the main PTA futures force of Zheng Shang Exchange, opened at 5088, down 22 from yesterday's settlement.

DBP Post-Market Forecast

Butanol mainstream price stability, phthalic anhydride market mainstream price stability, DBP downstream customers just need to purchase mainly, DBP plant generally operating rate is not high, supply has a certain positive support, is expected in the near future DBP market or continue to stabilize.

DOTP Forecast

The mainstream price of octanol is stable and small, PTA price is stable and small, downstream customers just need to purchase mainly, it is expected that the recent DOTP or weak operation.


Latest Quotation

Annual Capacity100000 tonsDOTP half-load production

Annual Capacity180000 tonsDBP half-load production

Annual Capacity80000 tonsOrtho-naphthalene mixed method phthalic anhydride plant, half-load production.

DBP Quote Execution7400 yuan/tonFactory, the actual transaction, negotiation-based.

DOTP Quote Execution8200 yuan/tonFactory, the actual transaction negotiations mainly.


DIBP Quotation Execution7200 yuan/tonFactory, the actual transaction negotiations mainly.