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Party building

Party building

Solid foundation for development, party building to help take off



The party building work of the company is highly valued by the leaders of the district party committee, the organization department, and the party working committee of the gathering area. Through the efforts of all party building workers in our company, good results have been achieved. The party organization mechanism has been continuously improved, and the party organization has continued to grow. The core role has been continuously strengthened. The party building work has promoted the overall development of the company's various tasks, and the economic and social benefits of the company have achieved rapid development.

1. basic information

Kaifeng Jiuhong Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2014 and is located at No. 3, Suzhou Road West Section, Kaifeng Fine Chemical Industry Cluster. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of phthalic anhydride and plasticizers and the operation of related chemical products and technologies. After several years of development, the company's production capacity and quality in the domestic industry top three. At present, the company has 300 employees and the party branch of the company was established in July 2017 with 13 party members. The party building work of the branch drives the work of the company's trade union, the work of the working committee and other work to be carried out in an orderly manner.

2. focus on the center and give full play to the core role of party organizations and party members

First, it is to highlight the key points and do a solid job of building the leadership of the party branch. The chairman of the enterprise is deeply aware that in order to achieve the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the non-public economy, it is necessary to vigorously strengthen and improve the party building work of the enterprise and ensure the implementation of the party's principles and policies, so as to form the political foundation, organizational foundation and strong driving force for the development of the enterprise. Regularly hold party organization meetings, actively play the core role of party members, and put forward creative strategic ideas for enterprise development.

Second, it is to set up party member responsibility areas, party member demonstration posts, party member science and technology research teams, party member brand projects, party member innovation groups and other carriers in each workshop of the company to integrate party organization activities into all aspects of production, operation and management, so as to ensure that there are party members in key positions, party members in front of difficulties, and party members in key research.

Third, it is to insist on strengthening the construction of party members as the basis of party building in enterprises. The "double training and double promotion" activities have been extensively carried out to train party members into production and operation management experts, train outstanding members of production and operation management experts into party members, select outstanding party members in the management as party workers, and select outstanding party workers. Recommended to the management.

3. the common development mode of Party building, trade union construction and work committee construction

Since the start of the party building work in the enterprise, under the leadership of the Party Working Committee in the agglomeration area, it has vigorously promoted the construction of trade union organizations and customs work committees, and strived to make the party organization and trade union construction a pioneer organization for the company to promote development and do practical things for the masses.

(I) the work of party building in enterprises to guide the construction of trade unions and give play to the role of trade unions as a bridge. Under the leadership of the branch, the trade union organization closely revolves around the company's development strategy, constantly innovates ideas and methods, effectively protects the rights and interests of employees, builds harmonious labor relations, and enables employees to establish a sense of mission to seize opportunities and promote development. it ensures the smooth progress of the company's daily management and production and operation. Under the leadership of the branch, the trade union adheres to the principle of "people-oriented" and establishes and improves various trade union systems. The labor union does everything possible to seek benefits for the employees, providing three meals a day for free; providing free single apartments and suites for the employees far away from home, equipped with conventional furniture and household appliances; arranging shuttle buses for the employees who live in urban areas and apartments to and from work every day;

(II) party building to promote the work of the work committee. The company solves the problem of going to school for the children of employees, and has received strong support from the Party Working Committee of the gathering area. It handles the admission of the children of employees to Wangtun Middle School so that the children of employees will no longer stay behind. Through the development of these tasks, the rights and interests of employees have been better protected, the workforce has been stabilized, labor relations have been coordinated, the centripetal force of the enterprise has been improved, and the comprehensive, healthy and harmonious development of the enterprise has been promoted.

4. Strengthening the Construction of Talent Team and Enterprise Culture

Human resources are the first resource. The party organization of the enterprise actively promotes the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, and makes full efforts to discover, introduce and reuse talents. Under the guidance of the company's party building work, the employees of the company gradually tend to be younger. As of March 2018, the company has 300 regular employees, of which 80% of the management personnel are under 36 years old, and 90% of the production and logistics personnel are under 40 years old. The highly educated and younger talent team has injected new vitality into the enterprise.

Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and an inexhaustible driving force for its development. Under the leadership of the branch, the enterprise formulates the development strategy, further constructs the value system with team consciousness and enterprise spirit as the purpose, and through vigorously promoting and strengthening learning, enhances the executive power of corporate culture, makes the corporate culture internalized and externalized among the employees of the company, and greatly enhances the social image and influence of the enterprise. Under the leadership of the Party Working Committee of the agglomeration area, we should deeply study a series of principles and policies of the party, keep pace with the times, keep the development direction of the enterprise in line with the party and government policies at all times, and give full play to the core strength of the party organization of the enterprise. enable the enterprise to further develop and grow and make more contributions to the national economic construction.

5. to find the combination of party building work and production and management

The party branch of an enterprise should focus on the production and operation of the enterprise, focus on the implementation of the party's policies and national laws and regulations, focus on enhancing the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organization, focus on strengthening the party's ties with the masses of workers, focus on promoting the healthy development of the enterprise, adhere to the actual situation of the enterprise, adopt flexible, pragmatic and effective methods, and actively carry out party activities, give full play to the role of party organizations in helping promote, guiding and supervising, uniting and consolidating, and the exemplary leadership of party members.

Vigorously promote the system of branch secretaries participating in management meetings, cross-appointment of party organization team members and enterprise management, communication and consultation and symposiums, and party building leading groups, so as to promote the harmonious development of enterprises and timely investigate and resolve all kinds of contradictions and disputes. Carry out the joint construction of the party and the masses, implement the "party-mass integration" work model, actively coordinate the interests of all parties, and promote the formation of harmonious labor relations. Around the production and operation work, the branch also actively carries out mass innovation and efficiency creation and employee small-scale project improvement activities to stimulate the enthusiasm of party members and employees for innovation and efficiency creation. Organize and carry out skill competition in various types of work to provide a platform for participating employees to learn from and communicate with each other. In terms of team construction, we will step up efforts to create "pioneer teams" and put team management in place. In the process of "pioneer team" evaluation, not only a good team management method was excavated, but also the sense of ownership of team members was further enhanced.

Although the party branch of the company is not yet mature, under the care of the district party committee, the organization department and the party working committee of the agglomeration area, the company leaders attach great importance to the party building work of the enterprise, and we are actively building a high-standard party building complex to promote the all-round development of the enterprise economy, trade unions and mass organizations with party building work, and innovatively carry out party building work to promote the integration of organizations, party members and work.